Brambani Watches

I have for many years had a good collaboration with the Swedish watch company.

From the start, Brambani Watches was strongly focused on making the company and their watches look luxurious and modern. We therefore developed in collaboration with Brambani Watches a visual identity and a strategic plan for marketing. Here we provided a great design on social media, product images of their watches, as well as advice including SEO and Google Adwords.

Everything was integrated on the company’s webshop, which I was also responsible for the development of.




Att sammarbeta med Helt fra bunden är enkelt, okomplicerat och det går fort. Frederik hjälpte mig med att skapa min webbutik och han har även tagit de fina bilderna till webbutiken. Jag är mycket nöjd med Frederik arbete. Jag skulle absolut rekommendera honom som webbdesigner och fotograf.

- Briar Faraj, Co-Founder